July 18, 2019

Envirocleanse LLC inTank TM BWTS Receives Multiple 2019 Installation Orders

Q3 and Q4 2019 Installations and Fleet Orders Coming Earlier Than Expected

Houston, TX US – Envirocleanse LLC, division of Charter Brokerage LLC, a BERKSHIRE HATHAWAYcompany has received multiple 2019 sales and installation requests for its patented inTankTMBallast Water Treatment System (BWTS).  inTankTM is the only Type Approved BWTS which treats water during the voyage, leaving port activities unchanged.

Jim Stanka, President of Envirocleanse, LLC, comments.

“We have always anticipated a strong acceptance in the market place since inTankTMis the only Type Approved system that treats during voyage, rather than in-port during cargo operations.  However, we are pleasantly surprised that multiple orders, installations, and fleet commitments are happening as quickly as Q3 and Q4 2019. We continue to believe the largest bell curve for orders will be in the 2021-2024 time period but are grateful that our global footprint was well in place to handle these urgent needs by customers.”

The Envirocleanse LLCinTankTM BWTS is second generation thinking which stands out from the rest of the industry because inTankTMcompletely eliminates the operational and commercial risks associated with completing ballast treatment during cargo operations.  inTankTMtreats and neutralizes in the tank. This means technical compliance with the US and International discharge standard is achieved beforedischarge. inTankTMalso allows the vessel to actively control potential regrowth for as long as ballast remains in the tanks. All these attributes allow inTankTMtoprovide the most certainty of compliance with the least impact to operations.

Matt Hughes, Sr. Vice-President of Sales and Marketing adds that inTankTMis fully compliant with revised G8 standards, one of only a handful of companies that will not have to submit additional efficacy test data to the IMO.  This means future customers can choose the inTankTMBWTS without worry or concern that the system will not pass the stringent re-growth testing requirements now in place.

About Envirocleanse LLC

The mission of Envirocleanse is to provide a superior ballast water treatment system that assists companies around the world to perform at the highest safety, compliance and reliability standards without impacting cargo operations. Envirocleanse LLC is a division of Charter Brokerage LLC, a BERKSHIRE HATHAWAYcompany.

For more information, please contact:
Matt Hughes, Envirocleanse LLC
+1 832 918 3592